Production Services

Intomedia Production Services and Fixer Needs

We know Australia…the people, the places, the regulations and the environment from the complexities of permissions in the heart of Sydney to working with Aboriginal people on their traditional lands or National Parks in the remote Outback.

Intomedia is much more than just a production management service company. We are producers ourselves of every kind of production so we have the background and knowledge to understand your needs in detail and provide the most effective solutions including:

  • Customs solutions.
  • Fixer and other services from basic to full production management, producing and directing..Liaison with state and federal film and tourism bodies.
  • Liaison with all government departments.
  • Access to all the largest location resources in Australia.
  • Negotiations with local Actor and Crew unions.
  • Representation to local television broadcasters and cinema exhibitors.
  • Appropriate accommodation solutions to suit your budget.
  • A comparative analysis of local production costs.
  • Deep knowledge of the Australian landscape.

What’s the most important thing when you’re planning an international shoot? Peace of mind. That’s where Intomedia comes in. We can handle everything from visas to a full production.We can produce, direct, plan, cost and manage at any level. See some of our recent CLIENTS and read their TESTIMONIALS.

Because we’re producers ourselves, we understand the demands of production from the ground up. So if you’re thinking of shooting in Australia, CONTACT US – 24/7.